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I am not the doer of actions, God is the doer 
When we do our actions with the consciousness, "I am the doer"; this consciousness creates the seeds of the actions. These seeds then bind us through the law of karma to the world of matter. As we slowly, learn to bring this consciousness in all our activities that "I am not the doer, I am only an instrument of God", then our activities become part of , God's activities and then these activities do not create the seeds which binds us to the world of matter. This principle is mastered when an individual does not take any credit for all the good work that he may do. He always from the deepest level of his heart transfers the credit to God. As long as one cannot do this fully and completely he will remain bound by the law of karma and will continue to revolve in the cycle of birth and death. This principle when mastered then the activities do not create fresh seeds which means it does not create a fresh cause that will keep us bound to the world of matter. 

Concept of Yagnya 

The word ‘Yagnya' means a special spiritual activity that is conducive to the spiritual growth of man. These are done to free oneself from the debts that we owe to Nature and other forces. The activities are of five types and are to be diligently performed by the house holders. 
Brahma or Rishi Yagnya 
Every person should study the sacred scriptures daily. He should share the knowledge with others. This is Rishi yagnya. By doing this he pays the debt he owes to the Rishis those who gave the sacred texts. 
Deva Yagnya
Oblations offered during the Havan ceremony is Deva yagnya. 
Pitri Yagnya 
Offering libations to the forefathers regularly is called Pitri yagnya. 
Bhuta Yagnya 
Giving food to animals and lower life forms is called Bhuta yagnya. 
Nri Yagnya 
Feeding the hungry, the poor is Nri yagnya. Any kind of service to the suffering humanity is nri yagnya 

The creator of the human races, ‘ Prajapati' after creating the human beings said, ‘Yagnya will be the milch-cow by this shall you prosper and through this you shall satisfy all your desires (BG C-3; sl-10 ) 

The Deities will be pleased and nourished with Yagnya, being nourished they will nourish you. Nourishing each other this way there will be general well being for all. (BG Ch-3; sl-11) 

Concept of Deities 

Deities are higher astral beings who have a governing and supplying role in human life. They are at a level higher than human beings in consciousness and power. As human beings are 


yoga book   yoga book
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