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Spiritual Eye 

Spiritual eye(Fig - 98) is a single eye, unlike the two eyes of the physical body. With this eye the astral body perceives the astral world and the astral environment and when developed further the causal body perceives the causal world and the causal environment. In order to behold the kingdoms of astral phenomena, and eternity beyond, the human soul has to withdraw the matter-circumscribed vision of the two physical eyes and penetrate it through the telescope of the spiritual eye. 

The physical eyes can see, only the physical body and a little segment of the physical world, but when the vision of the two physical eyes is concentrated at the center of the eye-brows and made single and the consciousness penetrates through the star in the center of the spiritual eye, then the vision is enlarged, and the yogi beholds his astral body and other astral phenomenon. 

The spiritual eye seen in meditation is spoken of as the, "Third eye" or "Single eye". It is also referred to as the "Star of the East". The Spiritual eye consists of a five pointed white star palpitating in the center of an opal-blue light surrounded by a golden ring. The spiritual eye is the epitome of the cosmic energy, in the human body. The golden ring represents cosmic energy; the blue light represents christ consciousness and the white star represents cosmic consciousness. This is the seat of omniscience. This is the gateway to the Infinite. It is here that the cosmic sound of ‘OM' is heard. Merging in the OM vibration the yogi enters the spiritual eye and releases his soul from the three bodies. 

One cannot enter the star in the spiritual eye until one is able to become breathless and control the heart beat at will and withdraw all energy and consciousness from the senses. It is then that an advanced yogi understands that his body, the earth, trees, all animal life, stars and every speck of space are controlled by the power in the star of the spiritual eye. 

The spiritual eye possesses spherical vision. In meditation this vision gradually expands for the yogi into an ineffable sphere of constantly changing luminosity, blissful and omnipresent. This is the microcosm of God's creative light and consciousness. It receives it light and energy from its connection with the divine center of consciousness in the Sahasrara chakra. This is the ‘Sun' of the microcosm. The six chakras (twelve by polarity) are the twelve astral signs of the Zodiac. 

Through the spiritual eye the yogi attains mastery over the forces in his physical, astral and causal bodies. It is from here the astral body of man emerges from the physical body at death. This eye in an average man is not awakened and therefore he is not aware at death of the passage of the astral body through the spinal tunnel and the brain. The yogi, however, can see the astral body coming out of the physical and taking on an astral form. When prana is withdrawn from the senses and the body and concentrated on the spiritual eye then the yogi finds himself in a joyful state of breathlessness. He thrills to see prana rolling backward from countless cells and ascending the spinal tunnel through the coiled stairway (kundalini), out from the single eye passage into a subtle astral form. With the opening of this eye a great light appears beyond the veil of darkness. 


yoga book   yoga book
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