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of young children are usually turned upward to the superconscious center during sleep. As they grow up and begin to concentrate their vision more and more on the material world about them, the eyeballs turn downward as when they are asleep. But in time of death, the eye-balls of animals and people turn upward as the Soul and life force pass unconsciously out through the medulla oblongata. The medulla is the place in the physical body that corresponds to the Spiritual eye. 

The spiritual eye is actually the reflected light of the medulla. Lifting and uniting the two searchlight currents of the physical eyes at the spiritual eye creates desire for God and lifts the consciousness into the superconscious state. The same two searchlight currents when concentrated downward, create a desire for material things, and draw the consciousness down to the subconscious state. 

The medulla oblongata is the switch of life force, which throws currents in the two headlights of the eyes. When the two eyeballs are upturned and their gaze fixed at the point between the eyebrows, they become supernaturally still; then the two parallel searchlight currents in the two eyes are focused on one point, producing the vision of the single eye, which is the reflection of the light in the medulla. When this light is seen in the forehead and when it remains still for a long time, or can be held as long as one wants it to stay, then the optical current of the eyes, which is accustomed to playing on matter, become reversed and centralized, first between the eyebrows; then it become transferred to the medulla. In fact, in spiritual vision there is no dimension. We often erroneously think we see the light between the eyebrows, whereas we may actually be seeing it in the medulla. 

Exercises to awaken the spiritual eye 

  • Jyoti Mudra
  • Sambhavi Mudra
  • Neti kriya 
  • Meditation on Agnya Chakra 

Concept of Yuga - World Ages 

According to the ancient Masters of India, life on Earth is governed by great forces that originate from distant stars or regions of the universe, not only the physical but astral and causal universes as well. These forces determine the time in which we live and influence our spiritual growth. Time has a very big effect in our lives. Hence since ancient times India has devised various methods to measure time. 

Just as we pass through the time periods of day and night, changing seasons, stages of life from youth to old age so too we individually and collectively pass through various other time cycles. Each person, each nation and humanity as a whole has a cycle of its own as does the plane t itself. This is however not a mechanical round that goes nowhere. There is behind the cycle of time an ongoing evolution of consciousness. Just as tree goes through cycles of growth and retreat in a year but continues to grow year after year, so do all things have an inner growth in which the consciousness continues to develop, life after life. 

The main time cycle governing the human race is the ‘Precessional Cycle'. This cycle is based on the sun's revolution around a dark companion in modern terminology a ‘Black Hole'. 


yoga book   yoga book
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