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Based on the Solar system's revolution around the Galactic center
A cycle of 4.32 million years known as one Maha Yuga. The cycle begins with a Satya Yuga of 1728000 years and ends with a Kali Yuga of 432000years. The 24000 year cycle is a smaller cycle within this bigger one. In this bigger cycle human civilization begins with a high spiritual age of Satya Yuga slowly descending to a low material age of Kali Yuga. At the end of the Kali Yuga partial destruction of human civilization takes place through widespread earthquakes, cyclones, famines, wars etc. Thereafter a new cycle begins with Satya Yuga. Our Solar system will go through thousand such cycles before its end.

Manvantara or Period of Manu
A cycle of seventy one repetitions of Maha Yuga appx. 306,720,000 years consists of one Manvantara. This is the period of Manu. Manu is a prajapati (ie) progenitor of the human race. He creates a new human race through sexual method. Manu is a mind born child of Brahma. Brahma instructs Manu to create sexually in the beginning of a manvantara. At the end of this period the human race that he creates either gets enlightened or gets extinct. A new human race is created by the next Manu at the beginning of the Satya Yuga of the 72nd Maha Yuga. Such cycles of 71 maha yugas are repeated 14 times in our solar system.

Day of Brahma
When the manvantara cycle gets repeated 14 times or the Maha Yuga cycle gets repeated appx. 1000 times leading to 4.32 billion years. This period is called a Kalpa.

4.32 Billion years
4.32 Billion years
A cycle of 8.64 Billion years
During Brahma's day
During Brahma's night
  • One day of Brahma
  • One night of Brahma
  • One day & night of Brahma
  • many solar systems are created and brought into existence.
  • many solar systems are destroyed.

Life span of Brahma
Brahma lives for 100 years which is appx. 3.11 trillion human years. During Brahma's life span the universe is created and maintained by him. On his death the universe of matter and energy is dissolved back into the ocean of pure consciousness. After 3.11 trillion years God creates a new Brahma. The new Brahma then creates another universe patterned according to the previous one.

Story of Creation

What existed before creation
There was no moon, no sun, no stars. There was no light. Darkness upon darkness prevailed. What existed was an infinite ocean of pure consciousness and pure energy in an integral state. This state is like the butter which remains mixed with milk before it is churned and separated and extracted. When extracted butter and milk becomes two different substances each with its own properties. Today we know from modern science that all matter is condensed

yoga book   yoga book
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