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aware of the Divine in all creation cannot detest any man or feel a sense of disdainful superiority. 

Natimanita (Absence of pride) 
This signifies absence of pride. Only he who is free from the sense of self-importance becomes richer and richer in spirituality until he is one with God. On the mountain peak of pride, the mercy rains of God cannot gather, but they readily collect in the valley of humbleness. 

Faith and Charity 

Trividha bhavati shraddha dehinam sa savabhavaja (BG Ch 17, Sl-2) 
Yajante sattvika devan yaksha rakshamshi rajasah 
Pretan bhuta ganams cha yajante tamasah janah (BG Ch 17, Sl-4) 

Faith of human beings are of three types 
Those with this faith worship the Deities embodiments of spiritual qualities. The sattvic man patterns his life after the celestial design, and knowingly or unknowingly receives help from the deities to whom God has entrusted the functions of the phenomenal worlds. 

The rajasic or worldly passionate man aspiring to wealth and power is knowingly or unknowingly worshiping the Yakshas and the Rakshasas the cosmic embodiments of greed, ruthless strength and egoistic ambition. Yakshas are lower astral entities who are powerful but generally benevolent. They can take any form including human form. Just as we in human society have security guards to guard a bank complex, an industrial complex etc. similarly in the astral planes these Yakshas act as guards of wealth and property. Rakshasas are demonic beings in the lower astral worlds. They are always negative and possess great power and strength. Just as we have thieves, dacoits, smugglers or terrorists similarly in the astral world these rakshasas do much mischief. Rajasic people who crave for name, fame, power and self glory directly or indirectly worship these entities and often receives help from them knowingly or even unknowingly. 

Those with tamasic faith worship the Pretas and the Bhutas. Pretas are the spirits of the dead people. The tamasic people try to seek information from these dead spirits or sometimes use them for hurting others. Bhutas are ghosts and elemental beings, again a lower order of beings who can pretend to be very wise and give much information but they cannot elevate others spiritually, because they themselves are not spiritually evolved. These pretas and bhutas are contacted through trance and séances. No enlightened or highly evolved souls can be contacted by mediums through these trances and séances. 


yoga book   yoga book
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