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gain, allergies, asthma, phlegm, cough, sore throat, diabetes, loose or aching joints, high cholesterol.

A serious kapha problem like diabetes, allergies or obesity, runs in the family. You have gained weight and feel depressed about it. You have been under stress and reacted to it by withdrawing, feeling insecure and unwanted. You place excessive emphasis on possessing, storing and saving things. Your diet contains large amounts of sugar, salt, fatty or fried foods dairy products like cheese, milk and ice cream. You act dependent or over protective in relationships. The weather is cold and damp. You have been sleeping late for quite sometime.

Special Points
Kapha is the slowest and steadiest of the doshas. Infancy and childhood are kapha timesen this dosha increases in everyone. It is identified with growth and the production of a strong healthy body. Kaphas frequently suffer from blocked sinuses or pronounced susceptibility to colds and flu when the weather turns chilly and damp. Excess mucus is produced by wheat, bread, rice, butter, cheese all of which aggravate this dosha.

Balancing the Doshas

Balancing Vata

· Take plenty of rest. Get adequate sleep every night.
· Stay warm.
· Eat a vata pacifying diet. Eat regularly.
· Drink lots of warm fluids.
· Massage body with sesame oil.
· Take a long warm bath in the morning.
· Avoid mental strain or over stimulation.
· Make surroundings light and bright.

Balancing Pitta
· Apply moderation in all activities.
· Coolness in any form helps.
· Eat a pitta-pacifying diet.
· Avoid artificial stimulants.
· Laxative treatment (Virechana).
· Avoid strenuous physical exertions.
· Enjoy nature's beauty as often as possible.
· Learn to laugh.

Balancing Kapha
· Stimulate yourself to outward activity.
· Seek variety in life.
· Eat a kapha-pacifying diet.
· Reduce sweets. 


yoga book   yoga book
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