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· Stay warm. Avoid dampness.
· Perform dry massage (garshana).
· Exercise regularly.

Balanced Diet

In Ayurveda a balanced diet revolves around tastes and gunas (qualities). Foods are categorized as having six tastes and six gunas.

The Six Tastes are
Sweet           Bitter
Sour             Pungent
Salty            Astringent

The Six Gunas are

Heavy or light
Wheat is heavy, barley is light; beef is heavy, chicken is light, cheese is heavy, skim milk is light.

Oily or dry
Milk is oily, honey is dry; soybeans are oily, cabbage is dry.

Hot or cold
Pepper is hot, mint is cold; eggs are hot, milk is cold.

Food as they affect the Doshas

Balances Vata   Aggravates Vata  
Sweet Heavy Pungent Light
Sour Oily Bitter Dry
Salty Hot Astringent Cold
Balances Pitta   Aggravates Pitta  
Sweet Cold  Pungent Hot
Bitter Heavy Sour Light
Astringent Dry Salty Oily
Balances  Kapha   Aggravates Kapha  
Pungent Light Sweet Heavy
Bitter  Dry Sour Oily
Astringent Hot Salty Cold

Vata Pacifying Diet
Vata is cold, dry and a light dosha. Therefore, a good vata pacifying diet includes that which is warm, oily and heavy. All soothing foods are generally good. Milk (preferably warm), cream, butter, warm soups, hot cereals, fresh bread. All contain sweet and most are also warm and heavy.

A nourishing breakfast, the more substantial the better. Anything warm, milky and sweet is beneficial. Many vata types experience a drastic energy slump in the late afternoon. Having hot tea with cookies or some other sweet is good. Warm, moist food is very settling for vata. Cooked grains and cereals are best choices. Ginger


yoga book   yoga book
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