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It is used to remove pitta-related ama from the blood.

Post Treatment Procedures
Panchakarma therapy can be likened to a surgical operation in which the pre-operative and post-operative procedures are of critical importance. Once the toxins and waste products are eliminated the digestive fire and the dhatus must get the necessary time to rebuild themselves. It is therefore, crucial for the success of panchakarma that the patient follows a strictly regulated diet and lifestyle as directed by the physician.

Home Panchakarma

In the absence of a trained Ayurvedic physician an effective purification program at home can be done as follows:

Internal Oleation (Snehana)
For three days in a row take about 2 ounces of slightly warmed, liquefied ghee (clarified butter) early in the morning. Vata people should take the ghee with a pinch of rock salt. Pitta can take the ghee plain. Kapha people can take a pinch of, a mixture of ginger, black pepper and Indian long pepper.

External Oleation (Snehana)
After three days of internal oleation perform external oleation. For next five days apply 7 ounces of warm oil to your body from head to toe, rubbing it well. The best oil for vata people is sesame, which is heavy and warming; pittas should use sunflower oil which is less heating; kaphas do best with corn oil. Do this massage for 15 minutes for five days. After the oil is well rubbed in, take a hot shower. This hot shower is called swedana.
Every night from the first day, at least one hour after supper, take 1 teaspoon of triphala powder. Add about one cup of boiling water to the powder and let it steep for 10 minutes then drink it. Along with many healing and nourishing properties it is a mild laxative. Triphala is safe and can be used for months at a time. On the last three days ie 6th, 7th and 8th day perform basti after your hot shower. Use triphala water for the basti on the 6th and the 7th day. Boil 2 tablespoons of the compound in a liter of water for five minutes. Then cool the liquid, strain it and use the liquid for enema. Use plain water with one crushed lemon to do basti on the 8th day.

This snehana (oleation both internal and external), swedana or hot shower bath; virechana using triphala powder and basti with triphala water constitute an effective panchakarma that can be easily done at home. During this entire time it is important to take plenty of rest and take a light diet. From day 4 to day 8 take only khichery (equal amounts of basmati rice and mung dal cooked with cumin and coriander with 2 teaspoons of ghee added to it). It is a wholesome, nourishing, balanced food, easy to digest and good for all the doshas. 

yoga book   yoga book
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