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feel that we are this body and this mind. This wrong feeling and wrong understanding creates the desiring in our mind. We try to satisfy these desires through the enjoyment of objects outside our minds. These desiring never get satisfied outside as everything outside is impermanent, ever changing and never fully satisfying. When we as human beings finally realize this and turn our minds inward and from within the soul learn to draw the wisdom, power, bliss and freedom, then the mind finds fullest satisfaction and contentment. The soul's supply is permanent and never ending.

The human dilemma is like that of a Himalayan musk deer. As the deer grows it becomes aware of a beautiful smell. It searches for that smell sniffing anything and everything outside itself. It never realizes that the smell is not outside of it but is coming from a small musk that is growing in its own navel. We, like the musk deer, seek wisdom, power, bliss and freedom outside in sense objects where it is not available and even when it is available it is very temporary and unsatisfying. The science of yoga teaches us to seek these in the depths of our own soul.

Four-fold stages of Human Life (Ashrama Dharma)

Human life has a purpose. There is a definite goal to be attained. The goal is to become aware of our divine nature. This awareness comes slowly. It generally involves many lives. Ancient Indian Masters therefore gave us guidelines with regards to how to live our life in such a way that we can make the most use of it. They divided human life into four distinct stages and gave duties or desires to be satisfied at each stage.

This is the first stage of life and includes first twenty five years of age. This is the life of a student. Strict celibacy is to be practiced at this stage. Boys and girls preferably should be educated separately. Co-education of modern times is not considered healthy. Dating and teen- age sex is not advisable. The bodies at this age is not fully developed, emotions not matured and sex at this age is only a fun and thrill. At this age the sexual energies must be preserved, and converted into 'ojas' higher spiritual energy. This brings vitality, emotional stability and intellectual strength to the mind. The child as he passes through teen age should be carefully instructed that his sexual energy is the most powerful and creative energy in his body and that it should not be unnecessarily wasted. One drop of semen is produced from forty drops of blood. One drop of semen contains thousands of sperms. One sperm is needed to produce a child, that means it contains all the energy, intelligence and consciousness needed for the purpose. Loss of so many sperms is a big drain for the body specially when it is in a developing stage. On the contrary preserving this energy and transforming this energy into spiritual energy brings about a better all round development of body, mind and spirit. Teen age sex drains vitality, and weakens the body and emotions. Also it should be known that in sex much energy is exchanged between partners. When good energy is exchanged it is OK but much negative energies also gets exchanged and this additional negative energies coming from different partners will add on to the negativities already present. This enhanced impurities of the mind will create difficulties in adult relationship. Also the 

yoga book   yoga book
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