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Advanced Yoga Study ( By Swami Dharmananda
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A Compilation

This book is not written by me. It is a compilation from the teachings of some of the best of modern day Indian Masters. In this book I have brought together in easy simple language the best of India's spiritual wisdom and traditions. I offer this book as my humble service for the benefit of those who are thirsting for spiritual food. I feel deeply indebted to the Masters whose teachings I have used here with special reference to Paramahansa Yaganandaji, Swami Sivanandaji of Divine life society, Swami Satyanandaji of Bihar School of Yoga, Sri Aurobindo Ghosh of Pondicherry,

Sri B.K.S. Iyengarji and Sri Deepak Chopraji

Swami Dharmananda


yoga book   yoga book
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The COMPLETE 'Advanced Yoga Study' Book also includes exhaustive chapter on Hatha Yoga practices and Asanas AND Objective Tests to help you evaluate your body composition.

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