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Respectful Obeisance


H.H. Shri Vishwaguruji Maharaja, Mahamandaleshwar

In the last 25 years of my stay in the ashram, I observed the immense strength in him - physical, emotional and intellectual. The strength to bear extremes of heat or cold and the strength to remain long periods of time including days without food. The strength to bear constant criticism, his total control over speech and emotional reactions. The strength to remain calm and self-possessed in stressful or provocative situations or when the destiny takes a reverse turn. His sharp memory and his remarkable ability to quote the scriptures. His strong will power, determination, persuasive skill and executive ability. The strength to accept those who make mistakes but are willing to change even at the risk of creating difficulties for himself. He never rejects anybody. He is always self dependant, his work always gets done, his needs always gets fulfilled.

He is a glaring example of wonderful health and longevity. He has known no sickness, never seen to be tired and always cheerful. He begins his day at 4 a.m. and retires only after 11 p.m.. At the feet of this strength I bow down again and again.

With single minded purpose and utmost devotion he has worked for the last 40 years to build the ashram. The ashram is ideally located. In front we have Mother Ganga descending from her abode in the Himalayas flowing majestically and behind we have the sylvan mountain ranges of the Himalayas. For matured seekers of Truth who need a place in solitude and silence to practice their personal sadhana, without the encumbrances of a formal ashram schedule, this place is ideal. However, guidance for those who seek and need it is always available from H.H. Shri Vishwaguruji Maharaj.

Swami Dharmananda

yoga book   yoga book
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