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Mother As First Guru ( By Swami Gurupremananda Saraswati
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~Tantra and The Sexes~

~The Duality of the Sexes~

   All throughout history, the questions have been posed - "What is the difference between men and women? Is it purely biological, or are there some definite psychological and / or spiritual differences between them?"
   Even the most recent efforts in neurological and psychological research is inconclusive on these issues.
   To try to define what is meant by the true nature of a woman or a man is both controversial and difficult indeed, since any resulting model may well be perceived as trying to superimpose some sort of stereotype upon both


Closely aligned to this mentality is the belief that humans are only as much as our DNA blueprint defines us to be. But to define any one individual or, more ridiculously, each particular gender by a purely anatomical, genetic delineation understates all the qualities which make up our whole being, ignoring so many other attributes fundamental to our existence. 
   According to the tantric perspective, men and women are only intrinsically different in the make up of their reproductive systems and the relevant biological factors arising from that. The sexual organs, the accompanying sexual hormones and the resulting sexual instincts, are all a linked system (normally) causing exclusively female or male behaviours.

halves of the world's population - and that is certainly not desired nor needed.
   The feminist movement of the last few decades, in its drive for greater equality between the sexes has, to a certain degree, helped to re-balance the scales and allowed women much more choice in, and control of, their own lives. But have these efforts really helped define what womanhood and motherhood actually are?  Have they addressed the question of what it is that

According to yoga, only at the animal level -  where biology causes instinct, which in turn causes behaviour - do we have sexual differences.
   Unlike other animals, human beings can consciously influence their own behaviour above and beyond their biology (as well as being unconsciously influenced by circumstances) , thereby polarising their sexuality to a lesser or greater degree than their birthright. Usually, but not always, a person's psycho-emotional

 women and men both share which can transcend their differences  (be they real or imagined) in order to create a better working relationship between them? I don't believe so.
   The biological differences between female and male have been so thoroughly investigated and described that perhaps the issue already seems resolved. Science has clearly shown how the respective reproductive systems govern not only our physical but also many of our emotional and mental states. But is that all there is to it?
   There are some experts in the field of neurophysiology (brain science) who believe that absolutely every element of our experience is nothing other than a function of the brain, and that any talk of meta-physicalities is total nonsense. 

 personality matches their physical sexuality - that is their genitals. Usually, their way of identifying with their body, their procreative instincts, and their desires for companionship with the opposite sex, all match. However, the exceptions to this rule - homosexuality, bi-sexuality and non-sexuality - all have, according to yoga and tantra, causes outside of biology, that is, in the mind.
   Most people nowadays would agree that the intellectual aspect of our personality is in no way sexually polarised. There is no such thing as "the female mind" or "the male mind". Any book, story or poem written, any debate or lecture given, could equally be the product of either a woman or a man. Intellectual ability and mental perception per se, are superior in neither sex.

yoga book   yoga book
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