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Yoga For Back Pain ( Dr. R.Nagarathna , Dr. H.R.Nagendra
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     It is a common experience of human beings that their minds and bodies are closely interlinked. Any disturbance in either of them is bound to affect the other. Mental worries do lead to physiological problems and bodily discomfort does impact on the mind. Yoga and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian sciences recognised this symbiotic relationship of body and mind long ago and postulated the concepts of Adhi and Vyadhi.

Closely linked with Ayurveda is the science of Raja Yoga and its branch Hatha Yoga. Western philosophy and psychology even now lay great stress on the body and consider the mind to be its by-product. However the ancient Indian sciences have always considered mind as being supreme over matter and have based their practices on this idea.

That yoga practices can help in the amelioration of certain types of psychosomatic diseases has been known for a long time. But no systematic investigation had been undertaken based on modern accepted norms of scientific research. It goes to the credit of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (sVYASA) that over the last quarter of a century it has conducted systematic research in this field and has developed packages of physical and mental practices suitable for several psychosomatic diseases.

There has been a need felt for some time to consolidate these results and to bring them out in the form of booklets, each one dedicated to a particular disease. I am glad that this need has now been amply met by this series of booklets, in which there is a methodical description of the Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Kriya, in a simple and easily understandable language and profusely illustrated.

The authors have to be congratulated for the pains they have taken in this venture. The general public indeed has to be grateful to them for the great service they have rendered. I am confident that with the awareness of the benefits of yoga now increasing among people around the world, the discerning persons would make proper use of these booklets for the improvement and maintenance of their physical and mental health.

Harih Om Tatsat.

Prof NVC Swamy
Ex Director, IIT, Madras
Chief Adviser

yoga book   yoga book
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