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Yoga For Back Pain ( Dr. R.Nagarathna , Dr. H.R.Nagendra
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feelings such as "likes or dislikes", " love or hate", backed by the heavy ' I ' (the ego) . It is this emotion that is the root cause of all human joy and distress. When the emotions become powerful, they start governing our actions against what is right. This 'going against the cosmic laws' leads to imbalances called Adhi or Stress. Long standing Adhis get pushed into pranamaya and annamaya kosa causing Vyadis. Manomaya kosa is our mental and emotional library, the subtler layer of our existance. Hence the statement 'You are what you think you are' which Bhrgu realised as the basis of not only his own individual self but also as the basis of the entire creation.

iv. Vijnanamaya Kosa (intellect body)

As Bhrgu reports to Varuna about this wonderful discovery, the master is happy and says " Please move on. you have just a few steps to go ahead, you are in the right direction." Now through intense long tapas, Bhrgu realises that it is the Vijnana (knowledge) from which the entire creation has come and that could be the final reality.

Vijnanamaya Kosa is the fourth aspect of our existance. We all have two minds. For e.g., when the manomaya kosa said that "It is a beautiful rose, I want to have it" and you started instructing your hands to pick up the flower, the inner mind said " Sorry, you cannot pluck that flower; it does not belong to you; it is from the neighbour's garden" and you stopped the action. This conscience within that continuously guides us to do a thing or not to do a thing is the Vijnanamaya kosa.

yoga book   yoga book
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