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Yoga, to a large many around the world still carries a magical aura. Originating from India, the land of snake charmers, Yoga is sometimes mistaken for physical postures or exercises. In the Research Papers section, we have tried to bring together various efforts by Yoga and Natural Health institutes and organisations, who have propogated the authentic message of Yoga with a scientific perspective.

The ResearchPapers section is intended to provide research papers to substantiate the scientific basis of Yoga

The VYASA research papers have been arranged in the following sequence -
1. Physiology of Meditation Techniques
2. Physiology of Pranayama
3. Yoga for Rehabilitation
4. Yoga in Perception and Performance
5. Therapeutic Applications of Yoga

The following papers have been submitted by ICYER, the International Centre for Yoga Education and Research (located at the Ananda Ashram in Pondicherry)
1. Modulation of Stress Induced by Isometric Handgrip test
2. Modulation to Cardiovascular Response to Exercise By Yoga Training
3. Effect of Mukha Bhastrika On Reaction Time
4. Effect Of Yoga Training on Handgrip and Pulmonary Functions
5. Effects of Six Weeks Shavasana Training on Heart Rate Viability

If you are a yoga organisation, you are welcome to submit your Research Papers here at

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