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The present study reports a 17.9% decrease in errors after yoga training suggestive of improved static motor performance. In our earlier study (1), we had found a similar decrease (17.1%) in errors made by school children after 10 days of yoga training.

Also, our preliminary results (unpublished), on a group of 25 adults (which had no matched 'control' group), also revealed a 14% reduction in errors recorded by the steadiness test, after 14 days of yoga training.

This improvement in static motor performance can be attributed to better eye-hand co-ordination, improved fine motor control, concentration and also an overall state of well being and relaxation.

We have already reported (3), that 9 months of yogic practices improve the general mental ability, psychomotor co-ordination, and intelligent and social behaviour of mentally retarded children. The present results, though preliminary, suggest that considerable plasticity and scope for improvement in motor performance is still present in teenagers and young adults. This offers interesting scope for extending motor rehabilitation programmes to these age groups.


The financial assitance provided by the Medical Education and Research Trust (Karnataka), is gratefully acknowledged.

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