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Although these pages are being made available online, please note that there is no relaxation of copyright. You do not have permission to sell or distribute or reproduce Health and Yoga Research Papers text or any portion of the text in any form (printed, electronic or otherwise) or redistribute or translate or modify the text without written permission of and the Author. To do so is a violation of copyright law. If you wish to reproduce an extract from a Paper in a published work, you must first obtain permission in the usual way (according to the provisions of current copyright law).


The Papers in the ResearchPapers are available as html pages and require only an internet browser to read them. This has been maintained to achieve the sole objective of this reading room - easy access to Yoga Research Content.


The content, both text and graphics, of the Original Research Papers and the corresponding Online Books match exactly. Layout changes have been made wherever necessary to enhance user-convenience.


We request you not to link to inside pages of any Research Papers in our ResearchPapers and link only to Main Pages. This comes as a request to maintain the completeness and integrity of the research given in the Papers Team