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Discover the NATURAL path to total oral health and freedom from sinus allergies

Due to the overwhelming proven benefits that some of our wellness tools have provided, we decided to bundle them as a special Christmas offer.

The contents of the Christmas package include:
1 Neti Pot
1 Tongue cleaner
1 Uniquely herbal natural toothpaste
Neti Pot:

I am finding that the Neti pot is really helping me avoid using even the Flonase…. Now I don't need the Flonase as much due to the Neti pot. And my use of the Neti pot has been sporadic. With regular use I hope to be drug free very soon…. being able to breathe is a real plus.

- Dr. RD Billington, Miami, FL
Once you make this part of your daily cleansing routine just like brushing your teeth, you can be sure you'll be free of sinus allergies, headaches, and various kinds of ear, nose and throat problems.

Prove it to yourself the coming year. And… don't take our word for it, read for yourself…. Details
Tongue cleaner:

The tongue scraper is one of those things where you wonder why you didn't start this practice sooner...

- Cherie Seeto, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Feel your breath fresher than ever before. Remove those dreadful coats from your "seemingly" clean tongue and notice the difference.

Not only will you still feel fresh until hours later but ALSO you'll do some great service to your tongue with the powerful properties of pure copper... Details

Herbal toothpaste

I got the toothpaste and am amazed at how my mouth stays fresh feeling all day, even though I am a smoker. I think it will be easier to quit now…

- S. Anderson, TN
This uniquely herbal toothpaste is developing a huge following with its extraordinary taste, distinct appearance and powerful oral benefits - all through the goodness of natural herbs and roots. Feel the difference from what you have been using all along…. Details

This Christmas package (neti pot + tongue cleaner + herbal toothpaste) comes at a special price of just US$ 19.95

Click here to order and make it a clean, natural celebration

Make the coming year special for you and your family… Embrace nature's wealth
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