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    Should you opt for a Yoga Teacher Training?
    Yoga Certification Home > Yoga Teacher Training Courses - A Way for Wholesome Yoga Learning

    Yoga Teacher Training Courses - A Way for Wholesome Yoga Learning

    By Arun Goel

    Is a Yoga teacher training program suitable ONLY for those aspiring to be yoga teachers?

    Contrary to popular perception, many of the trainees in YTT programs are beginners and those looking to learn and adopt yoga for themselves, not for teaching others.

    ...And with good reason.

    Let us understand this phenomenon by going a bit deeper. Why would an individual who has no aspirations of becoming a teacher, at least not for the moment, want to enlist for an instructor course?

    For one, Yoga teacher trainings, especially Residential programs offer a wonderful capsule of learning in a relatively short time (typically, 200 hours over 4weeks). During the program, you are exposed to all the essential ingredients that make for a better understanding & adoption of Yoga as well as the gaining of its benefits. Not only Asanas & techniques, you would also typically be exposed to the deep theory that forms the basis of yoga, understanding of the Anatomy and the human psycho-physical structure, lifestyle changes, ethics and much more that make for a complete all round development as envisaged through Yoga.

    These are aspects that you definitely won�t learn in your walk-in yoga class down the street.

    Based on this extensive all-round learning, you will be able to realize which aspects of Yoga you feel drawn towards - whether the physical part, the meditative experiences or then the deep philosophy. You will then be in a better position to channel your future learnings based on your individual disposition and THAT is the right way to grow in Yoga!

    Yoga is best learnt by observing the changes in the self as one begins to adopt yoga practices. A teacher training module provides a sufficiently long exposure to be better aware of these changes - the physical and psychological impact - that yoga practices have upon you. It only helps that these changes happen under expert supervision and guidance, to help you understand and cope better. This helps you understand the true significance of yoga and gain the most out of it.

    One also meets amazing similar minded people at such certification courses. The finer aspects of yoga are best imbibed under Satsang (discourse congregations) as you are exposed to nuances and individual difficulties and blocks being shared in a constructive environment. This single aspect greatly enhances the love for yoga and accelerates self development.

    Lastly, you learn in an environment without the 'stress and expectations' baggage that often accompanies those looking at the YTT as a professional course for becoming accomplished teachers. It is amazing how much better one learns while being free of the stress of "having to" learn with a desired result in sight.

    And the reality is that any course only equips you with the tools and building blocks. The quality of teaching improves only with years of practice, observation, intuition and class experience.

    To conclude, residential Yoga teacher training programs are a wonderful option for those inspired by and looking to adopt yoga as a way of life. Being set in yoga retreat kind of settings, they offer a break from routine life, which in itself is so necessary for being able to appreciate a new way of living. They also need not be necessarily expensive, especially if you opt for Yoga trainings in countries like India where living expenses are considerably less and the quality of teaching is wonderful.

    So, if you are serious about Yoga and can set out a break from your regular routine, considering a Yoga teacher training course for self growth should be well worth it.

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