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About Arun Goel

is the founder of HealthAndYoga.com, a web destination focused on giving insights and tools towards improved health and self realization through Yoga and natural techniques.

Arun has been inspired by Yoga from an early age. Understanding the deeper meaning of life, the dimension of the mind and beyond has intrigued him constantly. It has been his realization that improved physical & psychological health is of paramount importance in this quest to understand the ‘beyond’.

While studying and practicing yoga, Arun has come in touch with several leading schools of yoga teaching. However, being individualistic and of an independent mind, he feels that most yoga schools have a subtle way of indoctrination to their philosophies. This has prompted him to chart out his own course through his own experiences & realizations.

HealthAndYoga of which he is a founder has been conceived as a platform for better health tools, basic familiarization to yoga and meditation techniques, as well as a way to help people find their own callings through articles, access to teacher communities, yoga teacher training courses worldwide as well as yoga retreats.

Arun is an intermittent writer who writes on instinct based on his realizations and motivations. He believes any kind of bondage dilutes the purity of the end result. His preferred topics include mind stuff, health improvement topics, and Yoga including various aspects of yoga dissemination such as yoga teacher training, retreats etc. His other interests include e-commerce since he has been involved in this remarkable world revolution since its early days and has also written several articles on this subject.

Arun’s articles can be found on this as well as other websites and publications.

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