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Enema and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic, natural way of healing many disorders. Essential oils are the most important part of aromatherapy; in enemas too, essential oils play an important part in healing the colon.

Nowadays, essential oils are often used in enemas due to their antibacterial, antiviral and ant fungal properties. These oils are able to provide excellent results in cleaning the human body from fecal matters and healing the colon.

However, not every oil is suitable for every ailment and not every oil suits every person. So, whenever you use these oils, start with a very little amount and with prior consultation. Let us examine some popular oils recommended for colon health:

Lavender essential oil and Colon Cleansing

Lavender oil is considered the safest oil of all essential oils and is commonly used for several disorders. This oil works well after taking enemas because of its wound healing qualities. It works wonders for hemorrhoids, anal fissures, nausea and chronic headaches. This oil also helps fight out stress and builds more confidence while taking enemas. Take some diluted lavender oil and gently rub on your belly; it will not only make you calm but also take out all the fear (if any) associated with taking enemas.

Fennel, Tarragon, Ginger, Lemon, and Rosemary

These oils when used together give an excellent healing effect to the colon area. However, these essential oils have many specific qualities but show the best result when used together. Mix not more than 16 drops of these oils with grape seed oil and then implant into the colon area with your enema. All of these oils are very effective in clearing up toxins and destroying unhealthy bacteria, yeast and parasites in the colon.

Although, you can use these oils individually (4-6 drops) but they do have a synergistic effect when used together.


This essential oil has many healing properties and works great with colon cleansing. Scientists have also provided facts about its effectiveness. It is often recommended that with your first enema, peppermint oil instead of soap may be used.

Add this essential oil mixture to the water during a colon cleansing routine. This mixture provides a smooth session and heals the colon area.


This blend came into existence during the 14th century plague in England. From that period, this blend is used to fight and control a lot of diseases. It has therapeutic properties and is very effective against airborne bacteria. This essential oil blend should be used on the hand and around the neck, before and after taking an enema.

Myrtle and Myrrh Essential Oils

These essential oils work well with enemas. In 2-4 quarts of filtered water, mix a teaspoon of sea salt and add 4 drops of myrtle and/or myrrh oil. With this enema mixture, one can take the enema up to 3 times, but it depends on person to person; if one feels two is enough, don't do any more.

Myrtle helps to relieve and prevent inflammation in the colon and Myrrh is beneficial for the liver and lymph.

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