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Enema Supplies

A Complete Range of Enema Supply Equipment

H&Y brings to you a complete range of economically priced Enema Supplies - a range that includes an assortment of Complete Enema Kits; Individual Bags or Buckets; Enema Hoses & Tubings; Colon Tubes; Enema Syringes; Hooks & Clamps as well as Herbs for Enema. Among Enema Bags, choose between the 2 quart & 4 quart latex bag kits – a simple and economical home enema option. A choice of enema hoses - silicone or PVC - at reasonable prices depending upon your budget or preference to set up your own enema. Colon tubes - closed or open ended; disposable or reusable; rubber or siliconized PVC - complete flexibility as you build your own Enema experience Enema Nozzles, Syringes, Clamps and Connectors that will help you build your own customized enema kit. But the icing on the cake is the Enema Kit With Stainless Steel Can - A Superior Stainless Steel Enema Container Kit. This classic Enema equipment for a superior enema experience is also especially recommended for coffee & therapeutic enemas. Contains: Stainless Steel Tub, PVC Hose with clamp, Nozzle, Sterilized PVC colon tube (catheter) and a FREE instruction manual

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