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Enema Safety

There are many different opinions on the use of enemas in our society. Although, many have a negative impression about enema, however, it is not a fact; enemas are very safe and good for our internal health.

As safety is very important, we should be confident on the healing tools we are using. Let us look at some of the major safety norms concerning enema.


In enema, water plays an important role and we should always use safe water for colon cleansing. Unfiltered, chlorinated water harms the colon lining and kills good microbes. Chemicals should be avoided in the use of enema because they irritate the colon tissues. When we use chemicals, some of it stays in the blood stream and loads up the work of the liver. Water should be filtered, preferably with a carbon based shower filter or a reverse osmosis system for best results.

When undergoing an enema, the process should be slow and one should not rush to end up the process soon. Mostly people can take 1-3 quarts of water into the colon but it should be done slowly - about one cup per minute. The temperature of water also plays an important role; so don't take in the water too cold because it can bring in lot of needless pain; on the other hand, if the water is too hot, it might harm the sensitive tissues of the colon. So, before using the water taste it by putting some water in your mouth.

Other aspects:

Now that we know what safe water is for colon cleansing, let us see other safety aspects associated with enema. We should always take care of the anus and rectum while inserting and taking out the tube. The anus and rectum tissues are very sensitive and if any mishandling is done, it might damage those tissues and this can aggravate hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Therefore, for insertion, one should use lubricants and soft nozzles or insertion catheters.

Never use the Enema Equipment with another person and doing so can result in sickness because one might contact the unhealthy microbes of the other person. Whenever you take this therapy in clinics, make sure that the equipment is disposable or well sterilized.

One should also know a bit about the physiology and anatomy of the colon; it helps a lot with safety measures. As we know, the inner tissues of the colon are very sensitive, highly absorptive and a place for many microorganisms. Considering these factors, it is highly recommended to use genuine essential oils for stimulation or therapeutic results. One may also use 1 teaspoon of sea salt per 1 quart of water to replenish electrolytes.

Keeping these safety measures in mind, go ahead and enjoy enema.

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