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Your favorite HealthAndyoga XML Feeds are now available for your desktops. Your XML / RSS reader will allow you to read Yoga, Natural Health, Meditation, Food articles and more right from your desktop!

As new items are added to each HealthAndyoga feed, our feeds can update headlines on your computer. Without having to open your internet browsers, you can now get the article update.

How it works?

Install any of the Free RSS reader
  1.  Feedreader (Windows)
  2.  NetNews Wire Lite (Mac)
  3.  Lifera (Linux)
Copy the following URL into your RSS Reader
Yoga : Yoga Sutras :
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Meditation : Food :
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Asanas : Motivational :
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Therapy :   Theory :
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Practice : Life Style :
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Psychological : Experiences / Musings :
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  Research Papers:
  Reading Room:
Start reading Period. Now, it is as simple to get an update of your favorite articles

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