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If you are associated with yoga and natural health in any way, we invite you to become a part of our fast growing community.

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Yoga Community Quotes:

Dear Community Service Managers of HealthAndYoga, Thank you for the help to let me have the opportunity to communicate with others in the world. I strongly believe Yoga is a International Language no matter we can speak how many different kind of languages, but Yoga is just all-in-one. a wonderful ones.
Thank you & regards
Have a nice day everyday
Namaste  "Jolin, Singapore"


Once I understood how I mixed up my password, I was able to get onto the site. I updated my information, and took some time to look at what you have done. I was very impressed with the upgrades you have made. The badges are a good idea. I signed up with you (put my name on your listing) about two or three years ago, and never got any hits until about nine months ago. I am pulling people that have trouble in a "normal" yoga class. This is what I have always wanted to do. I am very good at one-on-one, but it was awkward in a class setting. I kept trying to help each person when they got stuck, but it didn't help the class flow. I am surprised that I got no hits for two years, then all of a sudden I have had several. Thank you for the opportunity to advertise my skills to help others, and for a very nice site.  "Linda"

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Why register your services on the Health & Yoga Directory?

The Health & Yoga Directory has been conceived as a TRUE service to the Yoga and Holistic Health Community.

  • It is perhaps the ONLY human-edited directory � aimed as a NO JUNK directory.
  • It goes BEYOND a Directory � We proactively seek out enquiries for your services. You�ll be pleasantly surprised to see the positive effects of your listing.
  • We constantly seek out new JOBS Worldwide. Being on the directory enables you to apply for these jobs.
  • You can build your profile constantly, making you more VISIBLE with every increase in your yoga contribution* � a unique way how this directory recognizes contributions to Yoga.
  • This directory is not just visible to 20,000+ visitors who visit the website everyday! This directory is also searched from over 500+ Websites across the WWW (on last count and growing!)
  • You can even list your Events / Retreats and much more
  • All of the above is FREE!

Do you really need a better reason to list?

We look forward to your contribution in building the yoga community.

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