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Yoga for Hypertesion and Heart Diseases

What are the general recommendations and rules of life style for a rosy heart?

The best way is to identify one's risk factors and apply brakes on them - avoid them, correct them, without letting them win over your resolve. Even at the cost of repetition, it is worthwhile to consider the precautions you are expected to observe:

  1. keep a watch on your diet, and not just when you enter your 40s, it should be right from your school days.

  2. Maintain your ideal body weight. Do not allow bulges to appear in the middle.

  3. No smoking, please. If you are a smoker, kick the habit today.

  4. No alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can cause rise in triglycerides.

  5. Keep a check on your blood pressure. If you are hypertensive, take regular medication and observe all necessary precautions to keep your blood pressure under control.

  6. Do regular physical exercise. Even if you have CAD, a guarded exercise programme under watchful supervision of physician can do you a world of good.

  7. Do not allow emotional stress and anxiety to queer your pitch. Be a karmayogi. Learn to relax. Meditate. Find time with your family. Go on outings with them, or do things which please you and allow you to get rid of negative feelings bottled up inside.

  8. You can't help being a part of a high - risk family. But surely, this should set you on your guard as regards other potentially reversible risk factors. Keep them down, and keep them out. Now sit down and go over these points again, one by one. Apply them to yourself, or members of your family. Have a good family discussion, and decide what changes you intend to make. Do this today, and as from this very minute!

  9. Remember, it may add five, ten, or fifteen extra years of happy healthy living to your life.


Sthiti: Tadasana

Stage-I (Forward-backward movement)


  • Bring the right leg upwards and forwards and at the same time stretch the foot forward. Bring the leg back to center.

  • Then move the leg backwards, now stretching the foot backward. Bring it back to cente

  • This is one round. Practice 10 rounds

  • Repeat the same practice with the left leg.


  • Do not bend the knee at any stage of the practice.

  • You can keep your hands on the waist even, or can have wall support for proper balance.

  • The leg movement should be continuous.

  • Gradually increase the speed and mobility, within your limit

  • Raise the leg forward / backward as much as you can.

Stage-II (Sideways Movement)

Sthiti: Tadasana.


  • Raise the right leg sideways to the right as much as you can

  • Return it to the center and then move it towards left.

  • This is one round. Repeat 10 times.

  • Repeat in the same way with the left leg.

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