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ReadingRoom ReadingRoom is an initiative for Yoga Enthusiasts to allow them access to genuine, original Yoga Content. All books on the Yoga reading room have been made available by the authors and publishers of these Yoga books. We believe that seamless passage of authentic Yoga is the motivation of these authors for these listings. We request you to kindly read the Rules of Usage of the Reading Room and comply by them.

The complete hard copies or downloadable versions of books listed in the reading room can also be made available To make an enquiry or place your order for books, Please write to us on [email protected]

Please review the reading room from time to time and find more books. The links below open in a new window and help you read the complete books.
  • Mother as First Guru (link will open in new window)
    by Swami Gurupremananda Saraswati
    Please Note : Only Book 1 of 581 pages is provided in the Reading Room.
    (Table of Contents)
    The complete �Mother As First Guru� Set also contains Book 2 + 2 audio CDs.
    Book 2 relating to comprehensive Yoga Practices as well as the Audio Instructional practices (2 CD set) are only available with your purchase and is NOT available on the Reading Room
  • Advanced Yoga Study (link will open in new window)
    by Swami Dharmananda
    (Table of Contents)
    The COMPLETE �Advanced Yoga Study� Book also includes exhaustive chapter on Hatha Yoga practices and Asanas AND Objective Tests to help you evaluate your body composition. The Hatha Yoga chapter and the tests are not available for reading in the ReadingRoom. To read about the complete Advanced Yoga Study, Click here.
  • Yoga for Back Pain (link will open in new window)
    by Dr R. Nagarathna, Dr.H R Nagendra
    (Table of Contents)
    A comprehensive study to understand the dynamics of the back pain. This book is designed for teh persons having back pain. It contains the exhaustive chapters on how back works in health as well as the yogic way of handling the problem. The book deals with the issues of back pain, spondylosis, neck pain and knee pain through specific practice modules.
  • Yoga for Arthritis (link will open in new window)
    by Dr R. Nagarathna, Dr.H R Nagendra
    (Table of Contents)
    A complete and wholesome insight into Arthritis is first obtained, followed by clear cut instructions with pictures on yoga exercises for the same. This book contains the chapters with the complete yogic approach to manage Arthritis. It taughts a range of yoga practices, breathing techniques, cleansing techniques as well as relaxation techniques. This is an insightful exploration into arthritis management with an Integrated Yoga module for Arthritis.
  • Yoga for Digestive Disorder (link will open in new window)
    by Dr R. Nagarathna, Dr.H R Nagendra
    (Table of Contents)
    Just like the face turns red when one is angry, the stomach lining turns red too. And it pours out large amounts of acid and enzymes. Anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety, tension etc. are emotions which influence not only the quality and quantity of secretions in the stomach and intestine, but also alter the blood flow and the motility of the intestine. Many ailments of the digestive system starting from the mouth to the rectum are traceable to stress and a modern lifestyle.
  • Yoga for Diabetes (link will open in new window)
    by Dr. S S Srikanta, Dr R. Nagarathna, Dr.H R Nagendra
    (Table of Contents)
    Diabetes is a lifestyle related condition due to an imbalance in handling a glucose load and is NOT a disease. It is one of the several lifestyle related chronic conditions with an end result of complications that are related to early aging changes resulting in blockage of small and large arteries.
  • Yoga for Pregnancy (link will open in new window)
    by Dr R. Nagarathna, Dr.H R Nagendra, Dr. Shamantakamani Narendran
    (Table of Contents)
    The book �Yoga and Pregnancy� provides useful guidelines for pregnant women, gives information about anatomical, physiological changes and adaptations to pregnancy and also any complications that can arise such as Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH), Intra Uterine Growth Retardation (IUGR), Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), etc. It gives a comprehensive knowledge of a modified set of yoga practices that can be practiced.
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