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Yoga for Headache (Migraine)


Sthiti: Dandasana


Stage - I (Forward - Backward) 

  • Slowly move the head forward while exhaling and try to touch the chin to chest.

  • Then move the head as far back as comfortable with inhalation.

  • Feel the stretch of the muscles in front and back of the neck during the extreme position of bending.

  • Repeat 10 rounds.

Stage - I I (Right and Left bend)                                                                    

  • Exhaling, slowly bend the head to the right, bring the ear as close as possible  to the shoulder without turning the head or lifting the shoulder.

  • Inhaling, bring the head back to normal position.

  • Then exhale and bend it to the left side in the same fashion.

  • Inhale and come back to normal position.

  • This is one round, repeat 10 rounds

Stage - I I I (Right and Left)

  • Keep the head upright with eyes closed.

  • Gently turn the head to the right while exhaling so that the chin is in line with the shoulder.

  • Then slowly inhale and come back to normal position.

  • Slowly exhale and turn the head to the left in the same fashion.

  • Come back to normal position.

  • This is one round, Repeat 10 rounds.

Note (For all the three Stages)

  • Move the head as far as possible. Do not over strain.

  • Keep the shoulders relaxed and steady.

  • Feel the release of tension in the neck muscles and the shoulder muscles.

  • Elderly people should not go to extreme positions.

  • Person with cervical spondylitis should avoid during acute pain.

  • If you have pain at any stage, stop in that position for a while. As you bring your complete awareness to the area of pain, start breathing consciously and deeply and then continue the movement.

  • It can be practiced standing in Tadasana or sitting in a chair, or in Vajrasana.

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