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Pee Urine
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Pee (Urine) Aid for Women – Set of 10
  • Disposable Urine Director - Women can stand and pee; No more squatting.
  • Very helpful in peeing for orthopedic patients, Elderly women, Pregnant Women.
  • Safeguards from many diseases such as UTI which commonly occur from dirty public toilets.
  • Made from Coated Paper; Water proof funnel; Comfortable to hold while peeing.
  • Comfortable in use Simply Open, Place under the flow area, Pee and Throw in the bin.
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“Take care of your body. It is the only place you live in” - Jim Rohn.

Nowadays every woman is getting conscious about sanitation which is very essential for a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding intimate hygiene can causeseveral diseases.

When we talk about intimate hygiene, what first comes is concern in urination in public toilets. Women face peeing-discomfort while travelling for work (or leisure) as they have to use dirty public toilets. Public toilets are the hub for infectious water borne and air borne diseases causing UTI and other diseases. This product allows women the benefit of using bathroom standing up. This Peeing aid is ideal for public toilets, airports and flights, hospitals, highways, railways just about every toilet outside your home. This product does not require squatting before peeing, women can stand and pee. It is also useful for elderly women, post-surgical patients, (hip, knee, etc.), pregnant women.Whoever finds it difficult to squat for peeing can use this product for comfort.

Keep this aid with you whenever you are out of home and explore the places with full comfort. It is strictly advisable to use one funnel/ strip for one time only. It should be thrown after use.Wash your hands and continue your routine with hygiene using this effective sanitary device.

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Pee (Urine) Aidfor Women-Set of 10 Pee Urine Aidfor USD$ 15.41
Pee (Urine) Aidfor Women-Set of 10
Pee Urine Aidfor Women
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