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Women's Health
Maternity support and prevention of infections

Make some of these products your handbag essentials- Carrying a sanitary pad in the purse is a usual norm for women and girls. But it is also important to do proper disposal of the used pad, not only as good manners but also to maintain hygiene. H&Y brings to you eco-friendly Handy Sanitary Disposal Bags to make disposal easy and discreet, especially when you are visiting someone, or using common facilities.

Public toilets can sometimes be nightmare for women. The toilet seat or the absence of it can be very distressing for girls. Women and girls can protect themselves by using the Pee Pal, a pee-aid meant for peeing while standing. Safeguard yourself from many diseases such as UTI which commonly occur from dirty public toilets. It is helpful for orthopedic patients, elderly women, and pregnant women too.

The H&Y Maternity Support belt is a well-designed belt for pregnant women in their third trimester. The belt ensures belly and back support while giving freedom to the stomach to expand. It has unique back support fins offering strong back support to the would-be-mother. It has 2 supports systems giving proper balance and ensuring double safety. It comes in an ultra-soft microfiber fabric guaranteed to provide seamless comfort and a very smooth look under clothing too. The maternity belt can be used after childbirth too. It can then be worn as pelvis corset and partial corset after birth, to help in the tightening of the post-delivery stomach.

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