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Yoga in India - Yoga Instruction, Organizing Yoga Holidays, Vacations at India Yoga Retreats and Ashrams

We have been providing yoga information through our experts worldwide for the past several years.

Whether you want to sample genuine Yoga teachings on your next India visit OR if you want us to organize genuine yoga holidays, we are always working to get you the best value during your visit.

With a large access to qualified yoga teachers as well as a thorough understanding of the needs of the student, we are best placed to make your yoga experience in India a great success.

We specialize in offering Customized Tours for you. To view some of our Yoga Tours packages, Click here

Our Services: Your Yoga partner in India

Services for individual:

Whether you want to base your entire trip around yoga or if you want to learn certain yoga practices, we offer just about everything. These include:

Organizing a complete yoga tour or yoga vacation for you in India customized as per your need.

Fitting in yoga training into your pre-planned India tour.

Teaching general and Select Yoga Practices for individuals or visiting groups as per their requirement.

Teaching of powerful yoga detoxification techniques for realizing the maximum benefits from yoga.

Services for yoga teachers and professionals:

If you are looking to bring in yoga groups to India, we can help identify suitable retreats and spots and provide all kinds of coordination. All this is aimed at getting you the best arrangements at the right costs and without you having to go through wasteful visits trying to do it yourself.

Teaching of rare yoga practices such as yoga detoxification techniques that you can go back and teach to your yoga students.

 India Culture Tours, Spiritual Tours, Sightseeing Tours

Along with our specialization in Yoga and health tourism, we understand that a visit to India is incomplete without a taste of its rich and diverse culture and spirituality.

If you want us to organize a suitable India itinerary for you that includes sightseeing and also Yoga, we are in a great position to offer you the most complete and suitable experience.

Why Health and Yoga?

Unlike tour operators, who "throw in" some yoga offering as part of their travel services, we specialize in understanding yoga and offering various kinds of yoga teachings as per your choice. Yoga is immensely beneficial if learnt under qualified guidance but can do more harm than good if improperly taught.

Our yoga vacations are carefully designed by experts to include those powerful elements of yoga and holistic health that will help you look at life with a new perspective. You will take back with you effective self-health management techniques.

Sample India Yoga Tour Packages

You can 'taste' yoga We offer the most versatile and genuine Yoga holiday packages that fit in with your requirement.

You can 'taste' yoga for as little as 3 hours or you can have a more complete yoga experience for a week or even more.

Our typical yoga holiday packages are 3 hour, 3 day and 1-week long. To see some Sample Yoga Programs, Click here

Sample Location

Yoga teachings can be conducted anywhere in a suitable setting. However, our most popular programs are those in the genuine Yoga Ashram setting at Rishikesh. Rishikesh is a town nestled in the Himalayas - the abode of great Yogis and sages.

We can also organize Yoga programs in locations of your choice in India. To know more about the ashram in Rishikesh and about the town itself, Click here

Specify Your Requirement

Just fill out a Registration Form, with your details and requirements and we'll get back with a suggested program. We'll work at customizing as per your specific requirement (if any). Click here for the preliminary registration.

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