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NaturoFloPlus 4 Quart Enema Bag Kit + 10 Tips

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

NaturoFloPlus 4 Quart Enema Bag Kit + 10 Tips

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  • Bags of Rubber Latex
  • Available in 2Q and 4Q capacities
  • Open top, fountain style for easy cleaning
  • Thick durable rubber
  • Full Kits accompanied with complete accessories
  • Quantity

  • US$ 38.95


These fountain bag kits are suitable for those preferring bags or looking for more economical options for their enemas. Also preferred for their compactness and as a traveling option.

Comes in 2 sizes – the 2 quart Enema bag kit and the 4-quart enema bag kit

The 2 quart bag ensures a good capacity cleansing at a very reasonable price.

Many enema users take in more than 2 quarts and almost 3 quarts. Some even go upto 4 quarts that is very suitable for high enemas and a deep-cleanse. In this case, the 4 quart kit is the preferred option.

Inclusions for 2 quart & 4 quart bag kits:

  • Comes complete with Enema Bag
  • Enema tubing (Hose) with an adjustable pinch clamp
  • Straight- through nozzles (for enema and hose)
  • Hook
  • 1 Colon Tube (tip)
  • Instruction

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  • 11/15/2016 11:08:06 PM

    Hoopeston , United States

  • 4/17/2015 1:22:54 AM

    San Francisco , United States

    Thank you for the super fast shipment of your enema bag kits. The kits are of high quality. I have purchase bags from other companies and your company has the best bags at a very competitive price. Keep up the good work.

  • 8/7/2014 4:47:16 AM

    Waterford , Ireland

    Review not Provided.

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