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Personal Hygiene
Natural Products to Keep Body Clean

Yogic philosophy does not believe in trying to “clean” the body with chemicals as they further add to toxic build-up within the body. i.e. they further damage rather than heal. Yoga strictly believes in cleansing the body with only the purest, most natural of products closest to their raw form.

We at H&Y, follow the same principles of body cleansing, which is why we sport a range of Personal Hygiene and Body Care products that have been derived from nature and are in their relatively purest forms.

Products made of neem wood are extremely beneficial because of their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties- Neem Wood Comb, Neem Wood Toothpicks, Neem leaf Powder and Neem Cream.
Various natural bath products - Herbomineral, Vetiver Scrub, Gopika Soap are great ways to bring the spa in your home.
Take your oral hygiene routine to the next level with our much-acclaimed herbal toothpaste- Herbodent and our wide variety of H&Y Tongue Cleaners.

Check out these products, which make you feel close to nature. You can now get a clean body with mental rejuvenation.

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