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Body Detox & Cleanse
Yoga products for body detox and wellness

Human body is a marvelous, self-healing machine, capable of eliminating toxins from the body on a regular basis. But sometimes, due to high levels of pollution, stress and inactive lifestyles there tends to happen a toxin build up in our systems. "Toxicity is the ground upon which all illness grows". At such times, the body needs our help and intervention to remove this toxin build up.

Science of yoga offers us various body detoxification methods like Jala Neti (Nasal wash) and Basti (Enema). These detox methods help in 'internal cleansing', leading to - Lightness in the body, clarity of the mind, and increased levels of energy.

Neti Pot helps in removing mucus build-up from the nasal cavities and sinuses. It helps the practitioner experience smooth and fullsome breathing.

Enema Kit washes the colon. It helps in removing fecal matter build-up, which can become a breeding ground for various diseases.

H&Y believes in internal as well as external cleansing, that's why we offer products for oral hygiene and germ free hands. Products like Tongue cleaner, Copper hand rollers help to maintain easy and complete hygiene.

Eye Mask Kit, which can be used hot or cold is a great tool for eye relaxation and as a sleeping aid.
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