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Fracture Aids & Splints
For treatment of fractures, posture correction and sports injuries

Caring for an injury, pull or fracture becomes a lot less painful and easier with H&Y Supportive Aids. They help to hasten the process of healing as they firmly hold the ligament in place and restrict harmful movement.
H&Y has aids to protect the cast from moisture and prevent infections- Leg Ca...
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Frog Splint

The best position for healing of more

USD$ 4.95

Mallet Finger Splint

The mallet finger is a condition of more

USD$ 11.76

Extended Protective Fing...

The extended protective finger splint more

USD$ 5.7

Full Leg Cast Cover

The leg cast cover is designed to more

USD$ 18.75

Dynamic Frog Splint

The best position for healing distal more

USD$ 8.5

Thumb Spica Splint

This unique thumb brace is made from more

USD$ 13.25

Wrist Support

Precision made fine finish wrist brace more

USD$ 14.95

Cotton Stockinette

Cotton made stockinette is 100% more

USD$ 13.95

Leg Cast Protector

Cast Protector is a reusable more

USD$ 17.95

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