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Anti-Slip Wedge Door Stopper

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  • The wedge-shaped design of the door stopper prevents door from closing or slamming
  • Slip resistant design on both sides helps the stopper to stay firmly in position
  • Soft and flexible material ensures door and floor protection from dents and scratches
  • Functions well on any door by resting on surface including carpet, wood, tiles etc.
  • Set of 2 stackable wedge stoppers; colour- white; Size: approx. 10cms*4.2cms*1cm (l*b*h)
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Door Stoppers are used to hold the door in a desired position. Gone are those days when one used to place a brick, wooden piece, heavy metal, flip flops or any decorative piece as a door stopper. These stoppers are child proof as they prevent the door from slamming and protects the baby from getting hurt.

The new door blocker/ jammer made with high quality material is easy to place. Also the stopper is safe to use as it does not damage the door and the floor.

The design of the stopper makes it stackable i.e. if the gap between the door and the floor is big then one can place the first stopper on top of the other stopper and place it beneath the door. Non-slip design makes the stopper to stick firmly on the ground.

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