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Ayur Nasal Drops

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

Ayur Nasal Drops

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  • Produce of native forest bred Gir Cows
  • Naturally Strong medicinal properties. Effective against sinus allergies & conditions
  • Suitable for brain disorders & Eye Health
  • Helps eliminate nose bleed conditions in Children
  • Very suitable for Children & Brain development
  • Quantity

  • US$ 4.95


The use and benefits of cow ghee (clarified butter) have been dealt extensively in Ayurveda pharmacology.

The right kind of ghee when put into the nostrils is capable of treating stubborn and recurrent sinus allergies and conditions, diseases of the eyes and brain as well as the throat. In fact it is chronicled that most diseases of the area above the collar bone can be effectively treated with cow ghee being dropped through the nostrils.

However the ghee should be derived from pure native and forest bread cows – NOT jersey cows or buffaloes or then hybrids being fed with artificial or regulated diets. Moreover the ghee should be extracted from the yoghurt and not the cream or milk and by anti-friction hand churning, rather than machine friction churning which burns of most nutrients and natural prana (or life force).

Cow ghee so obtained, becomes a ‘nectar’ with strong medicinal properties

Such ghee is helpful in absorption and transport of lipid soluble active principles across cell membranes, which are permeable only to lipid media. Also, ghee has the ability to increase the levels of fat soluble vitamins, especially Vitamin E in the blood which is an important antioxidant in preventing oxidation of LDL in the sub-endothelial space of arteries and thus, preventing atherosclerosis and the consequent heart attack or stroke.

These nasal ghee drops when inhaled through the nostrils effects the entire naso-pharynx region, ocular nerves and vital nerve endings that lead to the brain.

It is no wonder that these drops have been used to treat sinus allergies, eye ailments, ear ailments, headaches and brain disorders such as Parkinson’s and even strokes. Usage of this ghee as drops is also said to have beneficial effects in cases of autism.

For children too, these are extremely useful – besides sinus health – in appropriate brain development. The drops provide a cooling effect to the brain resulting in optimal mental health. These are also very helpful in infant and child nose bleeds, a very common feature among children

Additional effects – helps in reducing chapping of lips and other disorders associated with dryness.


Gently warm ghee (by removing cap) for a 15-20 seconds in microwave oven or over a flame. Instill a few drops (two or three) into each nostril through a dropper (Provided).
Do NOT sniff or inhale in deeply; let it absorb naturally

Ghee is safe for consumption & there is no harm if even a few excess drops are instilled.

Precaution: Test warmth, by adding a drop on your palm to make sure it is not too hot or else the nostrils may get scalded. Ayur Ghee has a distinct smell that may take some getting used to.

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  • Packing: 10ml in bottle vial
  • Note: Ayur Ghee solidifies at room temperature. This is a natural property and is OK. Please heat slightly (as indicated in Directions above) to liquefy.

Using Ayur Ghee with your Neti Pot

Doing Neti with saline can have a drying effect on your nostril linings. Ayur Ghee works remarkably well when used after neti.

After using your neti pot, make sure to dry your nostrils very well (as per the drying procedure). Then sniff the Ayur Ghee in the same way as indicated in Directions above.

Using Ayur Ghee in this manner will keep your nostrils primed up and is specially beneficial for eyes, nose and brain health.

Note: Avoid use when you are suffering from colds or if you are suffering from nose blockages due to excessive mucus

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  • 12/21/2016 8:59:01 AM

    Bangalore , India

    Product seem to be good. I wanted to buy some 50 - 100 ml. but the product only appeared in 10 ml bottle. i think you can provide a bigger bottle for higher volume.

  • 9/21/2016 2:16:20 PM

    Hyderabad , India

  • 7/26/2016 2:45:35 PM

    , -- Select Country --

    Good product and very quick postage. Keep it up. However, DHL didn`t follow up and took some time to deliver . it took some effort to track down the parcel

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