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Baby Tongue Cleaner

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  • For Baby's Oral Hygiene - It's very gentle on baby's tongue and gums.
  • Has an ultra soft cleaning circle, which helps to remove any milk residue or bacterial coating from the infant's tongue.
  • It has been designed to make the cleaning quick and effortless.
  • Soft and Curved handle allows for a convenient grip while being extra gentle on the babies' mouth.
  • Length- about 4 inches and Weight- about 8 grams
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Innovatively designed, small sized tongue cleaner to manage your baby's oral hygiene. Baby’s oral health is crucial aspect of daily baby care routine. Regular cleaning of the tongue prevents any milk residue build up. It is advisable to use tongue cleaners designed especially for babies.

Baby Tongue Cleaner helps in maintaining oral hygiene. You just have to gently slide this cleaner on the baby's tongue a couple of times, once or twice a day.

Its handle is made of Polypropylene.
Its Soft Circle is made of Thermoplastic Rubber.

This Baby Tongue Cleaner is very soft, gentle and safe to use. It has a soft circle to carry out the tongue scraping. Its soft material and good design, make sure there is no abrasion or hurt to the baby.
It has well-contoured handle that makes sure you have a good grip of the cleaner, making it easy to use.

Make sure that the tongue cleaner is completely clean and free of any residue before use. Wash before and after use. Consult a doctor in case your baby is suffering from any oral problems.

Do not boil or sterilise the Baby Tongue Cleaner.

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