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Beard Apron

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  • Time and Mess saving tool; Helps save precious time by accumulating all the beard hairs inside the bib; simply dispose of the hairs after use.
  • Polyester made; the fabric doesn’t let hair sit on the surface, helping you easily clean it without any mess.
  • Universal fit; being a universal fit product, it fits easily onto everyone. Simply apply the product on you and you are good to go.
  • Convenient usage; You can carry the product anywhere you want, super lightweight (95gm) and can be used at any place.
  • High suction cups; highly durable suction cups hold the apron in position throughout use. Easy to apply and easy to remove.
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Being a man is never easy! Let’s take the example of the beard; in order to have a great beard one must keep it in a good shape and size. And to achieve the goal, you must trim it from time to time. But trimming your beard standing along the basin is a big mess in itself. As the facial hairs scatter all over, collecting them is a real tough task, while making the place messy for the next user.

Added to it, the hair can also sometimes clog the basin drain - the cherry on the cake! To get rid of all these problems, here is a beard apron which will not only help you in getting a great beard but also save your precious time which was earlier spent on cleaning up the mess afterward.

Simply Tie the apron on your neck with the help of the velcro provided and on the other end, use the suction cup clips to stick the apron onto the mirror or facing wall. After making all the preparations you are good to go. Trim, shave, do whatever you like and after that dispose of all the hairs inside the dustbin. As simple as that. No more time-wasting in cleaning up the floor and basin.

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