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Belts & Girdles
For treatment of fractures, posture correction and sports injuries

Caring for an injury, pull or fracture becomes a lot less painful and easier with H&Y Supportive Aids. They help to hasten the process of healing as they firmly hold the ligament in place and restrict harmful movement.
H&Y has aids to protect the cast from moisture and prevent infections- Leg Cast Cover, Hand Cast Cover

There are several belts and braces available for different body part injuries-

Cotton Stockinette helps in reducing irritation and providing a padded and comfortable layer for the skin during splinting and cast fabrication.
Hernia Belt is uniquely designed for men with adjustable compression pads.
H&Y Wrist Brace provides stability to the wrist joint and is beneficial for treating carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis and sprains.
H&Y Maternity Support Belt is a revolutionary lift system that is specifically designed to support the pregnant woman's back while catering to a growing tummy.
Hip Brace is to support and hip bone injuries and hamstring pulls.
The HealthAndYoga(TM) Shoulder Immobilizing Brace is helpful to manage shoulder muscle soreness, bursitis, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury, arthritis, ruptured ligaments, tendonitis, dislocated shoulder, or a stiff joint. It is helpful in quick recovery of patients, who have recently undergone a shoulder surgery.
Thumb Brace or Splint provides compression and retains therapeutic heat to the thumb joint. It helps manage ligament conditions like injury, repetitive stress, carpal tunnel, fractures, soft tissue injuries, arthritis pain, sprains and even post-surgery recovery.
Lacepull Brace Belt is designed with an anatomical back panel that applies the right pressure in the lower back to improve posture and aid in spinal fractures.
The Clavicle Brace support is ideal for clavicle fractures and postural problems.
Magnetic Lumbar Support belt is an excellent aid in back pain relief, reducing lumbar compression and improving lumbar spine stability.
The Mallet Finger Splint is designed to treat and correct the mallet finger deformity.

There are many other support aids for patients and chiropractors available here...

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