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Breathing Aids
Improve your lung strength and capacity

H&Y brings devices which help in Breath and Lung-related issues. These well-researched devices have been used by hundreds of our customers, bringing them lots of ease and comfort.

Spirometer helps to perform deep breathing exercises, thus preventing respiratory issues due to incomplete filling of air in the lungs. It also helps in preparing the lungs to resume pranayama practice in Yoga.

The Peak Flow Meter is a portable device to measure lung capacity or airflow in the lungs. It helps to monitor and control asthma conditions as well as lung functions.

Inhaler Spacer can be used by people using inhalers, to prevent thrush of the throat and mouth by reducing the contact of the medication with the throat. It prevents medicine from escaping into the air, and by reducing the aerosol droplet size enhances deep lung penetration of the medicine.

Lung Exerciser helps to keep the lungs healthy after surgery or after a lung illness, such as pneumonia. It helps you to learn how to take slow deep breaths to strengthen respiratory muscles and increase lung capacity. It can also be used to manage breathing difficulties or as prescribed by the doctor.

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