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BronzEase Kansa Wand Foot Massager (Stick - Smooth)

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World wide Reviews of

BronzEase Kansa Wand Foot Massager (Stick - Smooth)

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  • Kansa Wand is designed as per the ancient Ayurvedic beauty principles- Hand carved wooden handle with dome shaped pure bronze (alloy of copper and tin) metal cap.
  • Made of wood and pure bronze (alloy of copper and tin); free from lead.
  • FOOT massage with kansa wand- Since feet have nerve endings of all the body parts stimulates and detoxifies the entire body.
  • Available in 2 sizes- BronzLift for face and BronzEase for feet. The same wand can be used for both feet and face, in cases where you don't mind using small wand on feet.
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Home Facelift and Body Detox with Kansa Wand
Kansa Wand designed on the principles of ancient Ayurveda techniques, is an ideal massage tool for face and feet.

H&Y Kansa Wand is used to massage the face to stimulate the deep facial tissues and muscles. Circular motion and long strokes on the face are done to improve blood flow , drain the lymphatic nodes and tone the skin. Face massage with Kansa wand helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The dome shaped bronze cup gives the right amount of nudge and push to the facial muscles for improved facial structure. The properties of bronze are anti-inflammatory, which help to keep the skin acne-free and blemish free.

Kansa Wand Foot Massage (Padabhyanga) - It is an important Ayurvedic ritual that has been used since ages to treat various ailments. Feet have the nerve endings of different organs of the body, so any stimulation or massage on the feet directly affects the entire body. Foot massage stimulates the marma (vital) points of the feet to release stagnant energy and get the toxins moving. The pressure on the feet with the kansa wand energises the body and brings balance to the bodily functions. It helps in improving blood circulation, brings relaxation and releases tension. This helps in managing insomnia, fatigue and cramps.

Health And Yoga Kansa (Bronze) Massage Wand - is made of pure bronze (free from lead). Bronze is an alloy of copper (85-95%) and tin (15-5%). The copper component of the bronze has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation and pain. It also helps in improving levels of hemoglobin. Tin component helps in managing headaches, insomnia, depression, moodiness and fatigue.

H&Y Kansa Wand has a hand-carved polished wooden handle for firm grip. It is easy to use for self massage as well as to give massage to others. Allows to apply moderate pressure with delicate strokes for an effective face massage. Can also be used on neck, back, feet or any other body parts as required. Regular Bronze massage stimulates the vital energy channels of the body, improving the body’s immunity and overall health.

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How to use:

  • Face Massage can be done using - Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Kumkumadi Oil, Coconut oil or any other oil or serum of your choice.
  • In case of oily or acne-prone skin, you may like to use Aloe vera gel or any water based lotion or cream.
  • For feet massage - Coconut oil, olive oil or any oil or cream of your choice can be used.
  • In some people there may be an overload of toxins in the body. So, kansa wand massage on the feet with oil helps to build up heat thus pulling out the acidity (toxins) from the body tissues. This may turn the oil black , indicating elimination of toxins during oil massage.
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  • 3/14/2023 12:15:48 AM

    Eden Prairie , United States

    I appreciate the storage bags for the massagers - that makes them easy to find and easy to keep clean. The teeth on the comb are very sharp. I`m sure they will wear down over time but it is uncomfortable to use them at the moment. The breathing exerciser works fine and is a good size - what I really appreciate about it is the detailed instructions.

  • 1/5/2023 8:29:57 PM

    Rindge , United States

    These are beautifully made tools. I`m very happy with this purchase! Would definately recommend.

  • 9/16/2021 10:41:58 AM

    Phoenix , United States

    Love the Kansa wand to massage and relax all my facial muscles, releasing facial muscle tension. Makes my face more youthful and and fresh looking afterwards. Bought more as gifts for friends!

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