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ChillEyes Colored Eye Wash Cups - 2 Pcs.

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ChillEyes Colored Eye Wash Cups - 2 Pcs.

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  • Blue & Orange Eye-wash cups- 2 piece set. Each cup can hold about 10 ml liquid for thorough cleansing.
  • Smooth oval shape , without any sharp edges - Fits fully on the eye contours and ensures hassle free eye cleansing.
  • Cup has a stand for ease of use, and to hold the liquid till you are ready.
  • Fill liquid in cup, place eye over the cup and gently adjust position to fully fit the cup in the eye socket. Dip eyes into the cup & blink for completely cleansed eyes.
  • Made of High Grade Robust Plastic. Cup Size: 2 inch x 1 inch.
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Blue + Orange Eye cup Set a first aid and cleansing device.
Often at times something gets into the eyes, and we have a great urge to rub the eyes. This can be very harmful, even after rinsing the eye over the sink does not help to get rid of the particle which has got into the eyes. Anything can irritate the eyes like micro particles, dust and dirt while on roads, loose eyelashes or tiny insects. We face such situations often and it is stressful to handle. This discomfort can be handled by using the eyecup to fully rinse the eyes easily and effectively. Eyecup Rinse is the best way to wash the eyes safely and thoroughly.

Eye wash cup is very easy to use. Just fill the cup with the desired liquid or simply water, dip your eye into it and blink. A few blinks and turning of the head will help you achieve complete rinse of the eyes. Also good for children, if something gets into their eyes.

Made of high grade plastic, this cup is strong and long lasting. It holds sufficient amount of water or any prescribed liquid to dip eyes and wash them properly. It has smooth contours with no chips and sharp edges, making it 100% safe and easy to use.

Always use Drinking water for eyewash.

For Removing eye strain, due to long hours of screen time-
Add a few drops of rose water in clean water, in the H&Y Eyecup. Dip your eyes for a few seconds or a couple of minutes as desired. This will completely relax your eyes, remove excessive heat from the eyes. It also helps boost eye health and reduces eye strain and associated headaches.

For managing conjunctivitis or to remove morning eye discharge-
Add a pinch of salt in slightly warm water, in the H&Y Eyecup. Dip and blink your eyes for a couple of minutes or as desired. This will loosen the sticky discharge without any rubbing of the eyes. Eyecup will help you manage the infection better and heal faster.

Blue & Orange Eye cups Set of 2. Always rinse the cup with water before and after use.

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