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Classico Leak Proof Ceramic Neti Pot

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  • Made from earth-elements without any harmful chemicals ; Non-metallic ceramic material, durable and totally Lead-free; microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Has a leak proof, smooth and tapering conical tip that fits comfortably in the nostrils.
  • Water flows out easily flushing out dust, mucus, environmental irritants cleaning the nasal passage.
  • Has a smooth inner design with no open cavities to hold back water making it 100% hygienic and germ free
  • Travel friendly and Light in weight- can be carried anywhere. Comes in an attractive design with vibrant colours.
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If you are suffering from sinus, headache, poor vision or any respiratory problem, then it becomes very crucial to clean your nasal passage. With the help of this ceramic neti pot you can do this job comfortably. Being made from inorganic and non metallic material this neti post is totally free from any acidic, harmful or caustic elements like lead. Its durability, smooth finish and easy handling will give you the same effect for many years. Unlike other materials which go under chemical erosion with the passage of time, ceramic is one stable material that has no such reaction. This neti pot is microwave and dishwasher friendly, meaning can easily be cleaned.

It has been designed in such a way that there are no open cavities or crevices that can hold back water resulting in a 100% hygienic and germ free neti pot. Its smooth and conical tip comfortably fits in nostrils and has been very well crafted avoiding any sharp edges or curves that can cause any kind of damage.

Its smooth design ensures proper flow of water to easily flush out dust, mucus, environmental irritants and effectively cleans the nasal passage leading to optimal nasal health. There are no joints, preventing water from dripping out and is completely leak proof. Resembling that “Aladdin’s lamp and available in attractive colours can be kept on your living room display shelf when not in use. Being light in weight is travel friendly so that you don’t miss on to your routine of nasal cleaning.

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