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Copper Germ Stopper Roller

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World wide Reviews of

Copper Germ Stopper Roller

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  • Copper Germ Stopper Roller is an extremely easy to use ,on-the-go product which helps to disinfect hands. It kills germs, just by rolling it between the palms.
  • Copper Germ Stopper Roller is made from 99.9% pure anti-microbial copper. It is proven to kill more than 99.7% of bacteria naturally.
  • It is able to kill more than 60,000 types of potentially dangerous germs, cold and flu viruses. Chemical-free way to keep germs away.
  • Very easy to carry and never needs to be recharged or replaced. Protection from germs without harmful side effects of hand-sanitisers.
  • There is no residual smell, nor is there any discoloration on the skin.
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Copper Germ Stopper Roller is easy to use: Just roll it between your palms to rid your hands of germs. It is important to apply some friction, as the friction of the rubbing activates the kill time. The friction will make it work faster than if the Copper Stopper just sits on your hands or skin. Don’t leave your home without this germ-killing. The Copper Germ Stopper clips onto backpacks, purses, zippers, belt loops, diaper bags, dog leashes – anywhere you want to have handy access.

Our product kills harmful, damaging germs naturally! Environmentally Safe, Durable and Exceptional Value. Copper Roller kills germs forever – never needs to be recharged or replaced. Our products continuously kill germs 24/7/365 without harming the environment or the users. Perfect for use while in flight as the same germy air is recycled every FOUR minutes. This product is 100% EPA-approved, are proven to kill more than 99.7% of bacteria, is natural, chemical-free, have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Made from 99.9% pure antimicrobial solid copper.

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  • 4/21/2023 11:01:11 PM

    Glenside , United States

    Tongue scrapper is excellent.
    Comb is great.
    The bristles on the toothbrushes are great, unfortunately the wood has absorbed the smell of the plastic from when it is heat sealed in its protective bag. You must change your packing method for the toothbrushes to a hand zip closure because all these toothbrushes will smell and taste like plastic.

  • 11/22/2021 9:56:29 PM

    Jon Hayes
    Pineville , United States

    I am very pleased with both the quality of the goods and the promot delivery time!

Worldwide Reviews

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