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qSwipe Lite Copper Tongue Cleaner - Gift Pack

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

qSwipe Lite Copper Tongue Cleaner - Gift Pack

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  • Made of Pure Copper / Stainless Steel. Non-gagging design
  • Helps contain bad breath. Great flexibility for tongue protection.
  • Non-Porous. Easily cleaned after use.
  • Optimum Length. Provides Health Benefits of Copper.
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  • US$ 5.95


Stop 'torturing' your poor mouth with chemically overloaded mouthwashes… remove the #1 bad breath cause easily and naturally

A tongue cleaner removes more mucous, bacteria and debris from the tongue than anything else and with terrific ease and efficiency. This has been proved through the experience of oriental civilizations that have used tongue cleaners for centuries to have the lowest incidence of tongue diseases & disorders.

Why use a tongue cleaner in the first place?

Now that you've seen the bad breath cause in the Previous Section, the obvious question is "what about the bad breath cures"?

Well, firstly, if you're thinking of a toothbrush, Banish the Thought!!

Have you ever seen ANY toothbrush remove those dreadful white coats on the tongue?

A definite NO - the toothbrush was meant for the teeth. The toothbrush simply does not have the area coverage nor the hardness to effectively clean the tongue. More importantly, it causes gagging.

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What you should see in a Tongue Cleaner:

  • Tongue Cleaner should be made of pure and unalloyed elements such as copper and silver, which impart considerable benefits to the human body. We NEVER recommend cleaners made of processed materials such as plastics. Copper tongue cleaners are time tested to keep away tongue diseases and have been in use in civilizations for centuries.
  • A Tongue Cleaner should have the desired Flexibility in its bend. Rigidity in the cleaner will make the tongue susceptible to nicks. Higher the flexibility, better is the tongue cleaner.
  • The shape of the tongue cleaner Must be non-gagging. The arms must progressively get wider apart. This ensures comfort while cleaning and optimum surface area coverage with each stroke.
  • Don't be taken in by tongue cleaners offering great grips. Plee..ez, your tongue cleaner is not a tool for scraping a hard surface. It must be held extremely gently on both ends. Just glide it a couple of times and watch those ugly coats that cause bad breath come off with REMARKABLE ease!!

Features of the "Health and Yoga" Tongue Cleaner:

  • Made of unalloyed Copper, the "Health and Yoga" tongue cleaner uses the natural anti bacterial and anti plaque properties of pure copper, to keep tongue diseases away.
  • Its special "Non-Gagging" shape picks debris as it gently glides over your tongue. It has unique curves that work smoothly and comfortably on tongue contours.
  • Extremely Flexible and to minimize careless nicks while gliding over the surface.
  • Has a Non-Porous finish, which prevents organic material from accumulating on the surface.
  • Has an Optimal Length to reach the difficult regions of the tongue. Helps eliminate bad breath cause.

Tongue cleaning is the best way to keep your taste buds active and to remove coats - the #1 bad breath cause

You will be surprised at the Ease with which the copper tongue cleaner removes mucous and debris Even After what seemed as a wonderful brushing session.

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  • 11/1/2021 7:03:20 PM

    Palm Springs , United States

    Review not Provided.

  • 8/17/2020 2:15:07 PM

    Leigh Upon Mendip , United Kingdom

    Excellent service and speedy delivery to UK, thanks

  • 5/7/2020 2:20:21 PM

    PLÜDERHAUSEN , Germany

    To whom it make concern : Of course we have many tongue cleaner hear in Germany but your tongue cleaner is the best one on the market. Thank you very much for your good product.
    Many regards
    Jan Erik Oehlund

  • " Hi, I received your product in a prompt manner. thank you so much for this wonderful product. I love the tongue cleaner. My mouth felt so much better after the first time using it. My breath is alot cleaner and my mouth feels cleaner. I use it at least twice a day. I am way less self conscience when talking with people. What a gift! Thank you for this wonderful product.. "
    L.McColl, Thunder Bay, ON
  • " My wife and I find the tongue scrapers excellent, well-designed and effective and, in particular, they do not cause gagging which the toothbrush I previously used caused. "
    Oved Ben Arie, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
  • " The tongue scrapers arrived very quickly - only a few days after placing the order. They are the best tongue scrapers that we have ever used. Thank you. Namaste. "
    P.G.BWinnipeg, Manitoba
  • " The tongue scraper is one of those things where you wonder why you didn't start this practice sooner... "
    Cherie SeetoSydney, NSW, Australia
  • " The (Your) tongue cleaner is much better than the one made here… "
    Nester WydyshLacona, NY,USA
  • " This is my second purchase. My old one is still good I just want an extra for my travel bag. I love this product so much I intend to promote it in my affiliate marketing. I was using a plastic tongue cleaner before but your copper one is the best. It really really put a stop to bad breath. "
    RebeccaOxon hill, MD
  • " I love having the tongue cleaner. It really is amazing how much cleaner my tongue and mouth feel after using it. Thanks "
    J.L Oklahoma, Oklahoma
  • I liked the copper tongue scraper so much that I ordered 3 more for my parents and sister.
    Natalie, Dallas, TX
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