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Colon Cleansing with Enema
Enema Cans, Enema Bags, Enema Bulbs, Travel Enema

In yogic cleansing techniques, enema is a detox ritual which has been practiced for more than 60,000 years. Enema practice is a very effective way to maintain good colon health by washing of the colon passage.IIt helps in eliminating of toxins from the body. Healthy and clean gut helps in improving circulation, boosts energy, weight loss, clear skin, liver detox and regular bowel movement. Home enemas enable you to enjoy the 'blissful feeling' of relieving yourself completely. It enhances the 'sense of well being'.

H&Y Home Enema Kits are easy to use and can be done in the privacy and comfort of your home. It's all about getting the hang of it. All you need, are right tools for it. H&Y offers stainless steel enema cans and variety of enema bags in premium rubber and silicon. There is choice of Enema Bulbs , Enema Syringes, Silicon Nozzles, Travel Enema Bags to suit all requirements.

H&Y enama kits have been researched, to make sure they are safe and easy to use and assemble. The kits include all the necessary components which you need - the bag, tubing, and cleansing solution.

Always make sure that your enema equipments are sterilized before use, to prevent any infections. Ill designed or unclean instruments may cause discomfort or medical complications. Remember to read and follow the instructions properly.

H&Y Home Enema Instruction Booklet ensures easy and safe practice. Usually this process of colon cleansing does not hurt, but you may experience some minor discomfort during your first attempt. To get relief from simple constipation 6 to 8 ounces of luke warm water is usually enough. Make sure to stop when it starts to get uncomfortable.

Coffee enemas are recommended for management of cancer.
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