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Essential Toiletry Kit for Travelling

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  • Travel Toiletry Kit: 2 travel cosmetic mini bottles(37 ml)+ 2 Tooth Brush covers + 1 Gargling Cup.
  • Made of food grade silicone, free from harsh chemicals, easy to clean with soapy water.
  • Travel Bottles: can be stuck with mirror/walls; refillable with daily use cosmetics (gels etc).
  • 2 Flexible tooth brush head covers: protects bristles from soiling keeping it germ free; Pink and White.
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Considering all daily requirements that we can’t ignore even when away from home, this kit contains 2 travelling bottles which have flip covers for easy refilling and point hole for optimum flow of liquid cosmetics as gels, shampoo, moisturizers, face wash etc.. It also has one gargle cup which is easy to use and easy to keep in your luggage without requiring much space and attention unlike other material cups. 2 very soft toothbrush covers to keep the bristle head germ free, are also added in this kit.

Gargle cup is easy to manage and can be kept casually without any care as it is not brittle. Being made of food grade silicone, the cup maintains the water as it is without adding any bacteria or chemicals to it.

Silicone travel bottles are very handy and mess proof. They have suction cups at their outer body and can be easily attached on walls and mirrors. They are latex free to maintain the quality of your cosmetics.

Tooth brush covers are very flexible unlike plastic ones to maintain the freshness and softness of the bristles. Also they keep the brush safe from soiling as they tend to fall easily. Especially in hotel rooms, to maintain hygiene these covers are very useful.

This kit is really an essential one while you are out for official tours or for having breaks with family/friends. To maintain hygiene even away home is easy with this kit.

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