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Face Mask

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World wide Reviews of

Face Mask

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  • Full Face Mask with Velcro fastening Straps – Medium Size
  • Filled with a Cooling Gel that can be refrigerated
  • Soft and adjusts to face contours with full coverage
  • Can be used as a beauty mask to eliminate puffiness and tiredness
  • Helps relieve conditions associated with heat, such as stress, restlessness, headaches
  • Quantity

  • US$ 14.95


Tiredness, Irritability, Stress are signs of heat build up within the body. Alongwith these are usual fatigue conditions like redness of the eyes, dry eyes, headaches etc. that leave us rather disturbed.

Face cooling is an ancient therapy that is used not only as a beauty treatment to smoothen out wrinkles and tighten facial pores, but also as a method to relieve health conditions associated above the neck area like anxiety, anger, headaches and eye conditions.

This facemask is an ideal product to have with you for daily use. Use at bedtime for best results.

You can use at room temperature or if you want it cooler, simply refrigerate for a few hours. This is a medium size suitable for most people.

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  • 5/6/2016 12:15:19 PM

    Gurgaon , India

    I have been buying several products from health and yoga for myself, and also for friends and relatives who are interested. I was hooked to the site when I bought a stainless steel jalneti pot, an absolute beauty and a prized possession. Thereafter I began exploring the site and found many interesting things which I use regularly.


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