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Face up Rollers

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  • Relaxes face muscles that are exhausted and stiff; Improves skin’s elasticity and tightness.
  • Wheels uplift face; Natural way to massage cheek and chin – improves blood circulation
  • Beauty tool for maintaining attractive face curve – a toned face line; removes double chin
  • Improves the edema condition of the face; also for neck muscles and jaw line.
  • 6 massage pellets on each side; lightweight, convenient, durable and manual.
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This beauty tool is based on the technique of rhythmic face massage. The massager has durable clips on each side that are designed according to the face curve and can be adjusted. The pellets provided on each side of the clips help to regulate and improve the circulation of blood in the cells, resulting in a toner and firmer skin.

It exerts gentle pressure on your gentle skin and helps to remove puffiness around the eyes by relaxing the tired muscles. The wheels of this tool naturally massage your cheek and chin best for the ones with a double chin. It helps to improve the elasticity of your skin. With regular use of this Face up Rollers tool you can improve the elasticity of your skin.

Unlike the expensive and time consuming visits to salons this handy and light weight massager helps you to uplift your facial skin. With 6 massage pellets on either side of the clip you can achieve an attractive face curve and a toned face line. It can be used on the jaw line and on neck muscles to relax them. These Face up Rollers can be carried anywhere and improves the skin edema condition.

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